Doggy Daycare – Barkers & Mittens Pet Boutique


Doggy Daycare

Barkers & Mittens Doggy Daycare utilises two spaces in Al Bidda Park to provide a home-from-home experience for your best furry friends.

Options available (must be consumed within 2 months from purchase):

10 Daycare Dollars: Indoor (QAR 900)  |. Outdoor (QAR 1,200)

20 Daycare Dollars: Indoor (QAR 1,600)  |. Outdoor (QAR 2,200)

30 Daycare Dollars: Indoor (QAR 2,100). |. Outdoor (QAR 3,000)

Pickup and drop off available for QAR 30 per day.

Indoor Daycare (from QAR 70 per day)


Located inside Barkers & Mittens Pet Boutique, our indoor doggy ill daycare facility is a one-of-a-kind dedicated space for dogs only.  Do you feel like your dog is full of energy when you get home from work?  Do you feel as though your dog's day is not filled with the stimulation she requires?  Then this is the solution for you.  Drop off your dog in the early morning (from 6.30 a.m., or we will collect her between 8-9), your dog will spend the day with us and numerous other dogs - engaging with them all day, through play, rest and activities.   Your dogs will return home (please collect by 5 p.m. (or we will drop her off between 4 and 6), exhausted and happy, ready to be by your side all evening in a calm and relaxed manner.  Regular outdoor toilet breaks and fresh water provided.  All natural dog treats are available for sale in our Pet Boutique.

Outdoor Daycare (from QAR 100 per day)

Located in Barkers & Mittens Dog Park, Doha's only off-leash Dog Park in central Al Bidda Park, your dogs will LOVE this outdoor space.  Grassy, with trees and lots of fresh air, the Dog Park allows your dog to exercise and socialise with dogs their own size throughout the day.  Timings are the same as for Indoor Daycare.  Fresh water provided throughout the day.  All natural dog treats are available for sale in our Pet Boutique.