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Top 5 Doggy (Hair)dos

Top 5 Doggy (Hair)dos

You like to look your best and your dog is no different. Grooming is an important part of looking after your pet; not only does it keep them looking sharp, it helps keeping them clean and, if you’ve got a breed who sheds, it saves on cleaning the house too.

Just like with people, there’s an endless list of doggy hair styles. There are purely practical ones like the kennel cut, show cuts specific to each registered breed and some absolutely out there ones - check out these images from the competitive dog grooming scene!

With such an amazing variety of cuts available, it’d be impossible to list them all in one blog post, so today we’re going to take a look at some of the basics. If you’d like to see any particular cut in a future post or show off your own dog’s luscious locks, let us know in the comments!

The Kennel Cut

When it comes to dog grooming, the kennel cut is probably the most common. This is the basic all-over shave and snip, usually leaving about a quarter inch (about 6mm) of fur, though how long you leave it is really up to you. If your dog isn’t a fan of the groomer, a shorter cut makes visits less frequent (and more pleasant).

Kennel cuts help to keep uncomfortable matting to a minimum without going overboard on the trim. They’re great for the hot weather too. 

The Teddy Bear Cut

Ever wish your cuddly pup looked more like a teddy bear? Then the Teddy Bear cut might be just what you’re looking for. Clipping closer on the body and shaping the face, this groom makes your dog look just like a big fluffy teddy!

This particular cut will leave any dog looking super cute and you don’t have to go all that short on the body to get the effect; just  so long as the face is left longer and rounded. This looks especially good on poodle crosses.

The Lamb Cut

So this one might leave your canine pal looking a bit more sheep than sheepdog, but if you’ve got a curly haired breed, it could be the look they’ve been looking for. Clipping the body close and leaving the fur on the legs long turns your dog into a fluffy sheep!

This cut is great for dogs in the hot weather- keeping their cores nice and cool. It’s also great for dogs in colder, snowy environments as it keeps their legs nice and warm. Not ever breed can pull it off, but if your best friend has a curly coat, it’s well worth considering.

Clean Face

Most of the other cuts that we’ve looked at involve keeping the main body short and something else styled longer, but the clean face is exactly what it sounds like. This cut involves keeping the hair tidy around the snout, mouth and eyes of your dog and leaving the rest alone.

Not only does this mean you can see more of your dog’s gorgeous face, it can help keep floppier breeds nice and clean when they’re eating.

Show Cuts

All the “official” breeds (that’s the ones recognised by the various kennel clubs around the world) have a specific show cut. These vary from a tight clip to long, flowing locks depending on the breed. They’re usually fairly high maintenance, so before you decide that’s the look you want to go for make sure you’ve got the equipment to keep it up!

If you’d like to give your dog a trim, Barkers and Mittens offer some great deals on everything from a trim to a full on spa session and we’ve also got a self-service dog washing facility where you can keep them looking their best.

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